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Sterling Silver Pendant- Lightning Azurite Sterling Silver Pendant- Azurite in Malachite Mixed Metal Wire Wrap Pendant- Boulder Azurite Tree of Life

Sterling Silver
1-1/2” Long

Azurite owes its name to its beautiful azure-blue color, which makes it a very popular and well-known mineral.

Azurite is formed from the oxidation of copper ores. Over time, as it absorbs water, it changes into the mineral malachite. Thus, the two are found together, creating a brilliant deep blue stone with flashes of green.

Azurite is believed by some to open up your inner sight.

Malachite has been used as a gemstone and sculptural material for thousands of years and is still popular today. Today it is most often cut into cabochons or beads for jewelry use.

Malachite has a green color that does not fade over time or when exposed to light. Those properties, along with its ability to be easily ground to a powder, made malachite a preferred pigment and coloring agent for thousands of years.

Sterling Silver Setting
1-3/8" Long

Lightweight 18" Sterling Silver Chain Included as Pictured

Azurite is one of more recognizable blue gemstones since most people associate an azure blue color with the mineral.This specimen came from the Morenci Mines near Clifton, Arizona- one of largest copper producers in the U.S.
The Tree of Life wire wrapping is done in Sterling Silver, Copper & Gold Filled wires.

2” Long
18” Copper Chain included as pictured